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President - David Hobbs
Honorary Life Members - P.Lister,
R.A. Spicer
Vice Presidents - A.Elliott, J.Stephens, R.O.McNamara, D.Macmillan
Chair - Pat Whetstone
Vice Chairman - Andrew Harding
Hon. Secretary - Pat Whetstone
Hon. Treasurer - Michael Elliott
Show Superintendant - Andrew Harding
Show Secretary - Deborah Novotny
Assistant show secretary - Clare Wilson
Minutes Secretary- Susan Barrett
Membership Secretary - Joyce Gladwell 01444 456509
Assistant Membership Secretary - Anne Bradshaw
Publicity Organiser - David Barrett
Sundries Centre Supervisor - Gill Jones
Floral Stewards - Gill Gones & Jacqui Essen
Catering Supervisor - Debbie Anscombe
Cookery Steward - Sheila Hobbs
Handicrafts & Juniors - Pat Whetstone
Outings Organiser - Rose Mortenson
Talks Organiser - Wendy Dumbleton
Poster Distribution
- Ivy Brunt
Hon Examiner
- Malcolm Springall

Other Committee members - Anne Marsden and Chris Gurr

The society (affiliated with the Royal
Horticultural Society), is based in Lindfield,
West Sussex. It was formed in 1945 and
currently has over 350 members. We meet
about twice a month for talks & presentations,
and we have three flower & vegetable shows
each year in the Spring, Summer & Autumn.
We have three plant sales a year, three coffee
mornings and a Christmas social as well as
other social events like outings to gardens etc.
We have our own garden sundries centre
which offers discounted garden supplies to all
our members.

The committee.
The committee meets regularly for lively and
opinionated debate! We have several vacancies at present so if anyone out
there feels they'd like to join in you'd be made
most welcome (it's a great village club! - Ed.).



Membership costs from just £6.00 a year.
You can either come along to one of our events & join then,
or click here to download membership form