Spring Show 2004

Cups & Awards:
Daffodil Society Bronze Medal - P.Mace
Fisk Cup for Open Section Daffodil Classes - Richard Hilson
Jeeves Cup for Vegetables - Michael Elliott
Floral Art Cup - Mrs.I.Dunk
Photographic Cup - Mrs. B.Murrell
Lea Cup for Amateur Daffodil Classes - P.Mace
RHS 200th Anniversary class 1st - M.Mighall
RHS 200th Anniversary class 2nd - Michael Elliott
RHS 200th Anniversary class 3rd - Sheila Hobbs
Junior Shield under 10s - Hannah Berry
Junior Shield 11-15s - Rachael Berry
Best in Show, Flower - P.Mace
Best in Show, Vegetable -Tom Hughes
Best in Show, Floral Art - I.Dunk
Best in Show, Pot Plant - Sheila Hobbs
Best in Show, Wine - Mrs. J.Knapp
Best in Show, Cookery - J.Munns
Best in Show, Handicraft - R.Pickett

2004 gets off to a bright start with the first of our shows this year. Many thanks to all who exhibited & helped & the many people who attended. Class entries were good at 282 but our cup winners would still like to see more competition in the daffodil section! There was still a good showing of daffs and it's a treat to see (and smell!) such a wide variety in one place. Well done to the winners!
We were joined by the Alpine Garden Society (central Sussex group) this year who put on a fine display of alpines and perennials.

They were kept very busy during the afternoon answering questions & demonstrating growing & sowing techniques and we hope to see them at a future venue.

Rhubarb & leeks proliferated in the vegetable classes as usual at this time of year.

An interesting newcomer to the show classes this year is the RHS 200th Anniversary class - a basket or trug full of seasonal goodies! Tricky to achieve in the Spring but our entries were very successful and we look forward to more entries in the summer and autumn shows. There is a good financial incentive to enter this class (many thanks to Millbrook Garden Centre for sponsorship) so we're looking forward to some exciting competition!
The cookery classes were well contested with some delicious looking cakes and preserves (we do envy the judge!). Floral art & the children's competitions had a seasonal note & the handicrafts & the photographic classes were excellent again.
Well done to all who entered!