In memory of the late Ron Pickett
Ron & Rita Pickett's open day, July 2001
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Ron & Rita Pickett are well known in the village for opening their colourful garden to the public, on occasions, with funds raised going to St.Catherine's Hospice charity . They say they have done this for 15 years or more now! This year they were open again on Sunday July 15th (a glorious day sandwiched between 2 weeks of rain!) and they raised £336.28 for the hospice. They hope to open again next year & look forward to seeing regulars & newcomers there.

The front garden, July 2001

Ron says they started the garden when they moved in in 1963 when it was "rough with lots of overgrown bushes". The soil was clay like most of Lindfield but has improved over the years as the garden has developed. Ron is a keen composter & manages to tip 20 to 24 barrow loads onto his beds every year! One year he had great success with Chrysanths grown in pure garden compost! His first love however (after Rita of course!) is Fuchsias.

Tea in the garden, July 2001 Visitors enjoy the colourful display
The "Pickett" fence! (note the compost!) Garden from the pond

Ron & Rita have been growing fuchsias for 30 years. They take all their own cuttings and have 2 greenhouses where they overwinter the plants, unheated, but plunged into the soil with 5 layers of horticultural fleece over them. But we mustn't give any more of their secrets away! Ron serves on the Brains Trust at the L.H.S. shows so if you ask him nicely, he may reveal some more!

One of the lovely fuchsias
  Rita & Ron Pickett on the open day
Thanks to Richard Hilson for sending us his photos for this page