Summer Show 2020 - the virtual show!

In lieu of the Summer show which has been cancelled we thought it would be cheering to bring you some member's photos of their show produce, plants and gardens.

(click on any photo for larger image)

Hemerocallis (grown by Richard Hilson)

Photographic class 'My Garden in Summer'
(by Sue Stockwell)

Collection of Vegetables
(grown by Andrea Fall)

Class 225 'A painted pebble'
(by Sue Stockwell)

Impatiens New Guinea Hybrid
(grown by Tim Richardson)

Senecio 'Angel's Wings' (grown by Jim Stockwell)

Potato 'Lady Cristal' (grown by Colin Brunt)

Dahlia (grown by Jenny Purdon

Agapanthus 'Melbourne' (grown by Jim Stockwell)

Variegated Hoya (grown by Ivy Brunt)

Rose 'Freedom' (grown by Sue Stockwell)

Class 161 'Arrangement in a Tea Cup'
(by Sue Stockwell)

Class 157 'Mixed flowers raised from seed'
(grown by Ivy Brunt)


Class 227 'A Dragofly in any medium'
(by Sue Stockwell)

Courgettes (grown by Colin Brunt)

Gladiolus 'Atom' (grown by Ivy Brunt)

Rose 'Blue Moon (grown by Jenny Purdon)

Runner Bean 'White Lady' (grown by Colin Brunt)

Rose 'Somme 100' (grown by Andrea Fall)

Canna indica 'Puprurea' (grown by Jim Stockwell)


Dahlia 'Englehardt's Matador' (grown by Jim Stockwell)

Rose 'Prince Jardinierre' (grown by Ivy Brunt)

Hydrangea (grown by Ivy Brunt)

Cosmos 'Rubenza' (grown by Jenny Purdon)

Broad Beans (grown by Colin Brunt)

Class 134 'Clematis blooms floating in a bowl'
(grown by Ivy Brunt)

French Bean 'Blauhide' (grown by Colin Brunt)

Class 158 'Flowering shrubs in a vase'
(grown by Ivy Brunt)

Dahlia 'Asphire Lady' (grown by Richard Hilson)

Hydrangea (grown by Tim Richardson)

Hydrangea (grown by Pat Whetstone)

Canna 'Panache' (grown by Tim Richardson)


Cornflowers (grown by Alison & Michael Elliott)


Pear tree (grown by Pat Whetstone)

Sweet Peas (grown by Deborah Novotny)

Fuchsia 'Billy' (grown by Alison & Michael Elliott)

Lysimachia 'Firecracker' (grown by Tim Richardson)

Clematis (grown by Deborah Novotny)

Flowering pots (grown by Alison & Michael Elliott)

Squash 'Crown Prince' (grown by Richard Hilson)

Tiger Lily (grown by Tim Richardson)

Lily (grown by Tim Richardson)

Dahlia 'Asphire Girl'
(grown by Richard Hilson)

Everlasting Pea - Lathyrus latifolius
(grown by Richard Hilson)

Class 205: Pot of herbs
(grown by Jean Sedgley)

Phlox (grown by Tim Richardson)

Astilbe (grown by Tim Richardson)

Crocosmia 'Lucifer' (grown by Richard Hilson)

Class 164: Foliage pot plant
(grown by Jean Sedgley)

Class 127: African Violet
(grown by Jean Sedgley)

Hemerocallis (grown by Tim Richardson)

Leucanthemum (Ox Eye Daisy)
(grown by Richard Hilson)

Fillipendula (grown by Tim Richardson)

Cactus (grown by Tim Richardson)

Begonia sutherlandii (grown by Tim Richardson)

Clipped Box ball (grown by Richard Hilson)

Hemerocallis 'Marion Vaughn'
(grown by Richard Hilson)

Rose 'Belle Epoque' (grown by Tim Richardson)

Our plant stand (by Tim Richardson)

Salvia 'Cerro Potosi' (grown by Tim Richardson)

Canna species (grown by Richard Hilson)

Leucanthemum 'Crazy Daisy'
(grown by Richard Hilson)

Hydrangea (grown by Pat Whetstone)

Our garden path (by Tim Richardson)

Hemerocallis 'All American Chief'
(grown by Tim Richardson)

Turnip 'Falco' (grown by Richard Hilson)

Salvia 'Hot Lips' (grown by Pat Whetstone)

Hemerocallis (grown by Tim Richardson)

Rose 'Dublin Bay' (grown by Tim Richardson)

Centaurea macrocephala with bee!
(by Richard Hilson)

Chilli 'Holy Peak'
(grown by Richard Hilson)


Astilbe (grown by Pat Whetstone)


Rose 'Picadilly' (grown by Tim Richardson)

Hydrangea quercifolia (grown by Tim Richardson)

Orchid (grown by Pat Whetstone)


Alstromeria (grown by Tim Richardson)

Hostas (grown by Tim Richardson)