The Spring Show again proved that at each of our shows the KEH looks at its best when adorned with a display of flowers and produce, particularly this year as the daffodils blossomed at exactly the right time. The stunning display was the centrepiece of a successful show which attracted 290 entries ranging from flowers, fruit and vegetables to crafts and cakes, although, whilst the weather had helped the daffodils, it had not been kind to the veggie growers which resulted in a reduced number of entries in the vegetable classes.

Below are winners of the various classes and best in show.

Richard Hilson - The Daffodil Society Bronze Medal and Certificate
Richard Hilson - The Fisk Cup
Tim Richardson - The Lea Cup
Tim Richardson - The Jeeves Cup
Tim Richardson - The George Murrell Cup
Janis Black - Pauline Parkyns and Jocasta Fearn
Clair Wilson - The Evelyn Drew Floral Art Cup
Florence Fearn-Hughes - The Keiron James Toys Shield
The Dawson Cup - Debbie Anscombe
Sebastian Clarke - The Junior Cup

Full details of the purpose of each trophy can be found in the Show Schedule.








Best in Show:
Tim Richardson - Vegetable
Anne Lord - Cookery
Jeff Essen - Handicraft
Jim Stockwell - Plant Pot
Richard Hilson - Flower
Clare Wilson - Floral Art

Trug Class:
1st - Andrew Harding
2nd - Andrea Fall
3rd - Clare Wilson

Chris Gurr