The 200 visitors to our Summer Show found a King Edward Hall full of wonderful flowers, vegetables and soft fruit. They were amazed at the height of Neal McNamara’s deep blue delphinium spikes, and the size of the pitchers on George Adams’s Pitcher Plant. But to prove that size is not everything there were eleven teacups with delightful arrangements of garden flowers in them, with the visitors being invited to vote for their favourite one, which was not an easy decision to make. In the end Jane Harding’s entry gained the most votes. Heather Martin’s large architectural looking allium head could not be missed and duly impressed the judge.

In the Flower Arranging classes there were some stunning entries, which truly were like works of art. Clare Wilson’s interpretation of “Wimbledon” was much admired and unsurprisingly gained her a first prize; although it needed much self control not to sample some of her “Wimbledon” strawberries. On a completely different scale Jeff Essen triumphed with his “Flowers in a Flowerpot”, a petite exhibit which combined wit and artistry. Combining flowers, fruit and vegetables were the garden trugs filled with all three, which not only were a visual delight, but also stimulated your appetite. The entries in this class from Andrew Harding and Andrea Fall were superb.


Ian Cooper’s twelve pea pods accomplished the difficult feat of being truly identical, and Tim Richardson showed some superb potatoes. Joyce Gladwell had a monster cabbage, which unusually managed to combined size with edibility. Alison and Michael Elliott gained a first with two fine aubergines, as did Andrea Fall for her well named small tomatoes – “Jelly Bean Hybrid”. Helen Dunlop won that visitors favourite, “The most misshapen or humorous vegetable”, with an entry which looked like a mouse on steroids!

In the junior classes’ two new entrants, Sarah and Ruth Bewick, both won awards (see below) which was particularly pleasing. The “best handicraft award” went to Jacqui Essen’s lovely pin cushion.

One of the cookery classes was to decorate a cake to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the LHS. Gill Jones and Glenise Buck each entered such magnificent cakes that the judge could not decide between them, so rightly jointly awarded them the first prize as well the best entry in the cookery classes. Margaret Carter showed some fine Gooseberry Jam, and Debbie Anscombe some perfect Scotch Eggs. Then there were Lorelei Hilson’s dish of chocolate truffles which looked as if they would melt in your mouth, but regrettably I was not invited to try.

If you have never been to one of our shows try to get to the Autumn Show on Saturday 12th September 2pm to 4.45pm in the King Edward Hall.

A list of all the cup and award winners is below.

Cups and Awards

The Lemmey Cup - Michael & Alison Elliott
The Savill Cup - Ian Cooper
The Don Brooker Fuchsia Cup - Michael Figg
The Gilbert Cup - Rolf Lloyd-Williams
The Thornbery Trophy - Doreen Orton
Royal Horticultural Society's Banksian Medal - Andrew Harding
The Filmer Cup - Jacqui Essen
The Fruit Cup - Ian Cooper
Blue Riband Of The British Fuchsia Society - Michael Figg
The Keiron James Toys Shield - Sarah Bewick
The Junior Shield - Liam Jolly
The Lhs Junior Cup - Ruth Bewick
Flower Arrangement In A Tea Cup (Result By Public Vote) - Jane Harding

Best In Show:
Vegetable - Andrea Fall
Pot Plant - Michael Figg
Cookery - Gill Jones And Glenise Buck
Handicraft - Jacqui Essen
Fruit - Ian Cooper

Trug Class:
1st - Andrew Harding
2nd - Andrea Fall