Entries were slightly down on previous years but large numbers of visitors were enthusiastic in their comments on the exhibits, as were the judges.

The Spring Show emphasises the many varieties of daffodil which exist. It was good to see plenty of entries in the novice classes this year with some blooms as good as those of more experienced exhibitors. Andrea Fall, Pat Whetstone, Polly McDonald and Doreen Orton all did particularly well. The LHS special daffodil class showing blooms grown from bulbs purchased last autumn had a disappointingly low number of entries – but what a superb daffodil ‘Bravoure’ is! Andrea Fall took first prize while Ann Higgins put 3 into a different class for another first. Tim Richardson was awarded the Daffodil Society Bronze Medal for ‘Honeybourne’ in class 21. In the Open classes as usual there were displays of superb, high quality blooms, with experts Tim, Richard, and Dave all having a first but Dave Vivash had the Fisk cup for the best exhibit.

Camellia blooms included Brenda Houghton’s lovely deep pink double and Rosemary and Neville Humphreys’ enormous stem of pink ‘Donation’. In the shrubs class, Graham Buck produced delicate pink rhododendrons in flower. Newcomer Jacqui Essen had first prize in the orchid class. Her specimen had extraordinary white aerial roots and enormous blooms. Sheila Hobbs’ best pot plant was a bowl of deep blue grape hyacinths.


The class for Hellebores floating in a bowl continues to be popular, with 10 entries this year, Doreen Orton’s perfect greeny-white blooms being judged the best. The class for garden flowers showed informally in a jam jar also continues to be popular and it was interesting to see the range of flowers and foliage that exhibitors chose. The ‘Mother and Child’ class (a parent plant and one grown from a cutting of the same) was given a new twist this year by first prize-winner Barbara Hoy. She showed a begonia with ‘twins’ – two cuttings taken at the same time, one grown in water and the other (much larger) in compost.

Not much in the way of vegetables at this time of year, apart from some fat leeks and enormous parsnips, but there were three well-stocked trugs which must have presented a problem to the judge who had to choose between them.

Floral Art judge Bob Tunks was delighted with the standard this year. ‘Wordsworth’s Daffodils’ in particular produced some stunning entries, with Clare Wilson’s intriguing arrangement incorporating timber, daffodils and branches in bud being judged best exhibit. Gill Harrison ‘Picture Me’ with tulips and heather in a picture frame was much admired, as were the various takes on ‘Sugar and Spice’, which included lots of red and pink, contrasting well with the yellow daffodils of other exhibits. Newcomer Jeff Essen’s tiny yellow blooms won him first prize in the miniature – ‘Golden’ – class.

The photographic classes had some interesting interpretations of ‘Round/circular’, with those using plants pots being appropriate for a horticultural society! Jocasta Fearn chose a dramatic picture of the Bonfire Society procession for the ‘My Lindfield’ category.

In the cookery classes there was a wonderful array of well risen and beautifully decorated coffee sponges which must have given the judge a hard time. Lorelei Hilson won first prize in this category, while Brenda Houghton was first among an equally delicious display of rhubarb crumbles. Plenty of scones with Jane Harding the winner here and Andrea Fall gaining best exhibit for 4 bread rolls. BUT – only 3 marmalades! Where are Lindfield’s marmalade makers?

In the handicraft classes, Jacqui Essen’s jolly Easter Bunny, complete with egg, was much admired, as was Sue Stockwell’s blue ceramic vase. After a bit of a boost, entries in the children’s classes have fallen off again but Florence Fearn-Hughes, Lily McDonald and Liam Jolly produced pictures, bright sock puppets and impressive lemon drizzle cakes.

Rosemary Humphreys


A list of all the cup and award winners is below.

Cups and Awards

The Daffodil Society Bronze Medal And Certificate - Tim Richardson
The Fisk Cup - Dave Vivash
The Lea Cup - Tim Richardson
The Jeeves Cup - Andrea Fall / Tim Richardson
The Daffodil Cup - Andrea Fall
The Evelyn Drew Floral Art Cup - Clare Wilson
The Dawson Cup - Richard Hilson
The George Murrell Photographic Cup - Tim Richardson
The Junior Shield - Liam Jolly
The Keiron James Toys Shield - Florence Fearn-Hughes
LHS Junior Cup - Lily Mcdonald

Best In Show:
Vegetable - Tim Richardson
Pot Plant - Sheila Hobbs
Cookery - Andrea Fall
Handicraft - Sue Stockwell

Trug Class:
1st - Andrea Fall
2nd - Andrew Harding
3rd - Gill Jones