The Autumn Show is in many ways a celebration of the horticultural year, and with so many fine and varied entries you might think it was difficult to pick a star exhibit. But this year it was not, because Ian Cooper’s pumpkin, in the pumpkin with the largest circumference class, was so large that the judge could not get a tape round it! In fact it took four tough men to lift it out of the wheelbarrow in which it was delivered to the Kind Edward Hall. David Adams and Richard Watson had entered pumpkins which were huge and came second and third respectively, but Ian’s looked as if it had literally dropped in from another planet and caused many gasps of amazement from our visitors.

Another large exhibit was Jacqui Essen’s pepper plant which needed a step ladder if you wanted to inspect the top of it. And I am not sure what it is about Lindfield, but our members do provide some surprises, as a previously undiscovered Henry Moore was unveiled at the show. On closer examination it turned out to be Betty Page’s winning potato entered in the most misshapen or humorous vegetable class, accompanied by Neal McNamara’s runner bean shaped like a question mark and Chris Gurr’s line of three” duck” potatoes which looked as if they had just come off Lindfield Pond.

Michael Fig displayed two pots of statuesque begonias and Richard Hilson showed five very superior looking, perfectly matched, purple pompom dahlias. Janis Dyer had five very symmetrical cooking apples, and not to be out done, Peter and Liz Hinze had five matching dessert apples. Joyce Gladwell showed a dish of very autumnal looking Physalis “franchetii” (Chinese Lanterns) which with a light inside them would adorn any Christmas tree.


In the grasses class, Sue Stockwell had a very balletic and graceful looking display which provided an apt contrast to Jocasta Fearn’s spectacular sky reaching one. George Adams displayed a pot of the rarely seen orchid Gongora galeata (apparently it has flowers which only last two days) but the class winner was a lovely more traditional orchid shown by Alison and Michael Elliott. Debbie Anscombe had some wonderful dahlias for us all to admire and it was no surprise that she won two cups for them.

Who would be a judge when you have to decide between Jim Stockwell’s wonderful bunch of Black Hamburg grapes, and nine beautifully balanced Loch Ness blackberries – the grapes won. In complete contrast, Colin Brunt had the heaviest marrow which was not only extremely heavy but as straight as a ramrod. Andrea Fall had created a winning trug which was a visual and culinary delight.

Lorelei Hilson showed a knitted scarf and hat for a child in the handicraft section, which would not have looked out of place in a certain Knightsbridge store. In the juniors section Daniel Blackstock’s winning photograph of my favourite vegetable told us all that he likes potatoes, and it won him the Junior Cup. Four delicious looking gingerbread squares won Margaret Wells the “Best in Cookery” award; and Joyce Gladwell’s jar of crab apple jelly was a winner amongst the jams.

Lindfield’s shows always produce some amazing floral art, and this show was no exception. Jacque Essen won “Best in Floral Art” with her representation of “fireworks” which really gave us the pyrotechnical works. Then just along the floral art show bench Jeff Essen, wanting to keep things in the family, stunned us with his display depicting “a jewel”, the best floral art miniature I have ever seen.

A list of all the cup and award winners is below.

Cups and Awards

The Bob Lacey Salver - Colin Brunt
The Massey-Dawson Cup - Ian Cooper
The Helena Hall Cup - Michael & Alison Elliott
The Dahlia Members Cup - Debbie Anscombe
The Huddart Cup - Richard Hilson
The Presidents Salver - Rolf Lloyd-Williams
The Dahlia Open Cup - Debbie Anscombe
The Penney Cup - Jacqui Essen
The Harry Tester Cup - Michael & Alison Elliott
Kieron James Toys Shield - Florence Fearn-Hughes
The Junior Shield - Liam Jolly
Lhs Junior Cup - Daniel Blackstock
The LHS Pumpkin Cup - Ian Cooper

Best In Show:
Vegetable - Ian Cooper
Pot Plant - Jim Stockwell
Cookery - Margaret Wells
Handicraft - Sue Stockwell
Fruit - Janis Dyer

Trug Class:
1st - Andrew Harding
2nd - Andrea Fall

L.H.S. Annual Cups and Awards:
The Lady Wilkinson Silver Tray - Margaret Wells
The Morecombe White Cup - Sue Stockwell
The Proctor Cup - George Adams
The Shepherd Cup - Michael & Alison Elliott
The Ron Pickett Trophy - Andrea Fall
The LHS Perpetual Shield - Florence Fearn-Hughes
The Shepherd Perpetual Shield - Liam Jolly